•    Build Back & New Construction

    In some cases it may be recommended that damaged material such as carpet, drywall, paneling, other wood products such as base boards, doors and door trim be replaced. Richard’s Construction can provide build back construction services to restore your property to your specifications. We provide only the best and most professional construction service possible.

    Richard’s Construction can also build new projects to your specifications and needs.  We implement the latest construction innovations and building codes to provide you with a construction project that will endure the test of time and that you can be proud to own and display.  Richard’s Construction is licensed and insured to provide the quality craftsmanship and products you expect for your home or business. Increasing the beauty and value of your property is very important to us.

  •   Structural Repair: Fire, Water, & Smoke

    Due to the many types of surfaces that can burn, residues and odors are complex. They can be difficult to remove, becoming trapped as surfaces cool. Although smoke and soot may seem to be identical, experienced professionals recognize the important differences and appropriate emergency action can help in restoring the structure. The National Institute of Fire Restoration reports that foresight and experience may be the deciding factor of an area being a loss or restorable. Richard’s Construction provides professional removal of smoke residue.

  •   Water Damage Restoration

    When the full consequences of water damage are overlooked, the simplest water damage can escalate into a costly reconstruction project. Richard’s Construction recognizes this - we understand water damage is progressive and compounds with time. Therefore, we take quick action to evaluate damages and take measures that minimize the risk of mold growth. During the restoration process, our priority will be getting your home back into working order as quickly and with as little disturbance to your family as possible.